A big part of my advocacy and contributions to the changing midwifery world is through making progressive ideas available across the community in condensed, written form. 

As an Editor for SQUAT Birth Journal, I feel passionately about holding an open forum for publishing stories, articles, and research from the midwifery and reproductive health community. SQUAT Birth Journal is published quarterly, boasting beautiful, diverse writing, art, and poetry for those exploring the intimate realms of fertility, reproduction, bodily autonomy, childbirth, and parenting. Over the years, though deep appreciation for the unique forum of SQUAT I have published a great deal of my own thoughts and work in SQUAT’s pages. Check us out!

Additionally, I am always enriching and refining my research and knowledge into handouts, booklets, articles, and manuals for clients and other providers to have accessible information for sharing and educating.

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