Long-Distance Care

Comprehensive homebirth midwifery and support for a wide range of reproductive experiences is growing in availability across North America. Still, far too many communities are without midwifery and alternative reproductive health services, or the services available are limited or stretched too thin.

When not possible to meet and exchange care in person, I offer midwifery care and consultation at a distance.

Clients seeking care for preconception, fertility, or clients experiencing loss can benefit greatly from long-distance care.

How does long distance care work?

  • Contact me to talk about availability and your particular needs

  • Schedule a consultation and fill out an intake form. This form can be returned to me by physical mail or email

  • Your long-distance initial consult will likely be 1.5 hours long, either by phone or video

  • Expect a follow-up e-mail with notes from our meeting, suggestions and resources laid out clearly as well as any connections we discussed

  • Schedule follow-up visits as practical for each of our schedules

Most clients for fertility and preconception “see” me an average of 3-6 times over a few months, depending on their needs.

Most clients experiencing loss “see” me an average of 3-10 times over at least 6 weeks to integrate the experience fully.

Expect to develop a deeply caring, enriching relationship at the convenience of your own schedule. Care will always be confidential, non-judgmental, holistically-minded and lovingly supported.