Midwifery Management of Miscarriage WORKSHOP


Midwifery Management of Miscarriage WORKSHOP



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Workshop Description:


All too often in our society miscarriages are regarded as secret, silent experiences. Rarely do individuals experiencing miscarriage receive the holistic, compassionate, and skilled support they may need at this tender time. Even reproductive health workers in our communities are often at a loss as to how to present a full range of management options, local resources and support, and compassionate, knowledgeable care to folks having a miscarriage.

Let's change that. Let's expand our knowledge around miscarriage, and how to support it. Come learn how midwives and other reproductive healthcare workers all over the world care for clients experiencing miscarriages, what a full range of management options might include (expectant management, herbs and essential oils, medication, manual vacuum aspiration, D&C, and more), how to manage incomplete miscarriages, excessive bleeding, and pain management, emotional and spiritual connection and counselling for clients,  post-loss healing with holistic modalities, and questions about ongoing fertility after miscarriage(s). 

Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre (Ottawa, ON)
Sunday, March 26, 2016
9:00am-4:00pm EST (hour break for lunch)

Appropriate for midwives, doulas, community advocates, and anyone else with a dedication to helping folks through miscarriage(s). No experience necessary

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