Education for midwives, birth professionals, families, and the public has long been a passion and integral part of my life. Awareness of a full spectrum of possibilities empowers us to make the best decisions for ourselves, our clients, and our families. Knowledge is power.

In continuing the legacy of teaching, I honor and offer gratitude to all my teachers over the years who helped me expand my own mind and hone my own skills to better serve my community. May these offerings expand your own thinking and understanding of possibilities in the realms of reproduction, health, community, and empowerment. 

Full Spectrum Pregnancy Loss for Midwives (through Indie Birth Midwifery School)

A 10-week class of pre-recorded content and facilitated discussion boards exploring a full spectrum of pregnancy loss including abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, practical care through loss, self-care for midwives, and how to feel supportive, confident, and fearless in these challenging times. Offered 4 times per year, but only facilitated by me once a year!

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