I was the first child born to my mother, who remembers desiring a homebirth during her pregnancy with me, but ended up delivering in the hospital. My mother labored with me while hiking in the Oakland Hills, CA, and stayed away from the hospital so long that I was delivered only 45 minutes after she finally arrived for check-in. When I was a young child my brothers were born at home with midwives in the Bay Area, leaving an impression and assurance in me that childbirth was a normal, family event and that homebirth was inherently safe.

My path to midwifery came through a deep commitment to education on reproductive health. I studied sex education and fertility awareness in my college years, writing and sharing about natural alternatives to birth control options, and returning to teach comprehensive sex-ed at my old high school. This work led to enriching efforts to understand holistic support for abortion care and pregnancy loss, and later for holistic support for pregnancies and birth.


I was trained through the apprenticeship model of midwifery education, fortified by a structured education with National Midwifery Institute, Inc., a correspondence-based midwifery program accredited through the Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council (MEAC). My academic coursework was rigorous and comprehensive, grounded in the practical and theoretical applications of modern, evidence-based midwifery. My clinical, apprenticeship-based education spanned four years with experience as a student in a small homebirth practice and a busy birth center practice in the Seattle Area, WA and extensive work with local midwives in Mali and Guinea, West Africa. I am grateful for the diversity of opportunities available to me throughout my education and the support from my community in pursuing them wholeheartedly. In 2017 I completed the International Pre-Registration Program at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON as a bridging program to practice midwifery in Ontario, Canada.


I hold certification as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) with the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) since 2015. Maintenance of the CPM credential includes maintaining continuing education, neonatal resuscitation certification, and adult CPR certification. CPMs also participate in Peer Review and are subject to formalized grievance procedures with NARM should any issues of safety, incompetence, or other problems arise during the course of care. I have also been practicing as a Registered Midwife (RM) with the College of Midwives of Ontario (CMO) since 2017.

Community Projects

Woven throughout my studies in fertility, midwifery, and childbearing was a deep study into holistic care for pregnancy loss and abortion. Too many of my clients had experienced previous abortions or losses without adequate support and I could see the affects in later pregnancies. I have experienced four losses of my own, grounding me in a deep reverence for the power of the body, and a deep void of education and care around abortion, miscarriage, and stillbirth. The specialized focus of my midwifery study is supporting at-home, holistic options for people experiencing pregnancy loss of all kinds, and writing and teaching on the topic with other midwives and reproductive health care workers.  I organized and worked with groups of Full Spectrum Doulas in Seattle, WA and Boston, MA, and maintained a private practice of clients seeking gentle, supported, home-based care for their abortions, miscarriages, and other losses.

I volunteered as a writer and editor for SQUAT Birth Journal, a radical birth and midwifery publication, from 2013-2017. I helped organize and attend many midwifery conferences both domestic and abroad and have appreciated the wealth of information gleaned from midwives all over the world. I believe I bring an understanding of pregnancy, loss, birth, maternity care, and midwifery practice from a global perspective, and am dedicated to supporting reproductive health on a local and global scale as a safe, supportive, and healing option for many individuals and families.

Speaking Engagements

I have been honored to contribute to the growing field of midwifery education and reproductive health advocacy at events across North America. Please see my Workshop Offerings for more details on community programming. 

2015   "The Midwife As Abortion Provider" Presenter, New Brunswick Womyn's Summit, Shediac, New Brunswick

2015   "Grassroots Support for Home Abortion Methods" Salon Series Discussion with Bay Area Doula Project, Oakland, CA

2014   Panelist, Roe at Risk Screening with Boston Doula Project, Boston, MA

2014   "The Midwife As Abortion Provider" Presenter, Yonifest Midwifery Conference, Eastern Townships, Québec

2013   Abortion Support Skills Training with Full Spectrum Doulas, Seattle, WA  

2013   Queen Anne's Lace as Herbal Fertility Management workshop, Seattle, WA

2013   "The Midwife As Abortion Provider" Presenter, SQUATFest Midwifery Conference, San Francisco, CA

2012   Abortion Support Skills Training with Full Spectrum Doulas, Seattle, WA

2012 Queen Anne's Lace as Herbal Fertility Management workshop, Seattle, WA

2009-2012   Comprehensive Sex-Education (5-day instruction) for High School Seniors at Skyline High School, Oakland, CA