Education for midwives, birth professionals, families, and the public has long been a passion and integral part of my life. Awareness of a full spectrum of possibilities empowers us to make the best decisions for ourselves, our clients, and our families. Knowledge is power.

In continuing the legacy of teaching, I honor and offer gratitude to all my teachers over the years who helped me expand my own mind and hone my own skills to better serve my community. May these offerings expand your own thinking and understanding of possibilities in the realms of reproduction, health, community, and empowerment. 

Online Workshops

Each course listed below is a self-paced online class broken into short modules for easy learning. Registration includes access to video teaching content and any relevant handouts and additional resources listed. You can access basic information on each topic in my blog and resources pages on this website for free. Tiered payment structures, including payment plans and scholarships are available for each class.

Queen Anne’s Lace for Herbal Fertility Management

Medication for Abortion & Miscarriage Management

Herbs for Abortion & Miscarriage Management

Extractions & Evacuations: Using Tools to Empty a Uterus

Respectful Pelvic Exams

Workshops Coming Soon…

The Midwife as Abortion Provider

A historical exploration of the role of the midwife in abortion provision and full spectrum care, including practical aspects like methods used, common outcomes, etc. and social issues, like the politics around this practice and how midwives came to be separated from abortion care. A way forward will also be explored, with a critical look at the reclamation of this work in midwifery spheres worldwide, and how a historical and modern midwifery model of abortion care could be applied to all kinds of practitioners.

Full Spectrum Pregnancy Loss

A look at the broad spectrum of experiences in pregnancy loss, including early and late miscarriages, blighted ovums/chemical pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies, molar pregnancies, stillbirth, and infertility as a continual pregnancy loss. We will seek basic information for each of these losses, practical measures for support, management options, and resources for where to continue our study.

Preparing for Abortion, Miscarriage, & Loss

A look at preparing the mind, body, spirit, and space for someone experiencing an abortion, miscarriage, or other pregnancy loss. Practical aspects like supplies to gather and ways to prepare a space, and emotional considerations will be explored, alongside plans for support people and aftercare healing. In addition, we’ll look at holistic remedies to build strength, support the immune system, calm nerves, soften the cervix, and more .

Healing After Abortion, Miscarriage, & Loss

A look at taking care of the mind, body, spirit, and space for someone just after experiencing abortion, miscarriage, or other pregnancy loss. Practical aspects like monitoring the body for health and vitality, as well as emotional and spiritual caretaking in the short and long term will be explore, alongside a look at future fertility and support around long term healing and integration. In addition, we’ll look at holistic remedies that build blood, strengthen the immune system, calm nerves, and more.