If you are looking for additional support in your reproductive experiences, for writing and media to expand your awareness, for holistic health products and practitioners, or other resources, look no further...


International Confederation of Midwives : setting international standards for midwifery care, education, and resource-sharing

MANA Stats Research: Study outlining the outcomes for almost 17,000 planned homebirths with midwives in the United States

CPM 2000 Study: Study outlining outcomes for over 5,000 birthing families with midwives in North America in the year 2000. 

A Book For Midwives (book) : The Hesperian Foundation's simple, comprehensive, incredible text on midwifery practice to be used all over the world. Particularly geared toward low-resource setting and a wide scope of practice, this book uses simple language, multicultural illustrations, and practical, culturally appropriate, evidence-based knowledge. Individual chapters available for free download. 

Anne Frye's midwifery texts: no other midwifery texts even come close to the comprehensiveness of Anne Frye's Holistic Midwifery Volumes 1 and 2, Healing Passage (on suturing), and Diagnostic Tests in the Childbearing Year. 

Heart and Hands (book) : excellent, detailed, and researched information for midwives and parents

*if you are looking for in-person midwifery care in the United States, I have a wide referral network. Please contact me! 

Doula Care and Full Spectrum Doula Care

Radical Doula: focused on social justice and birth activism, featuring radical doula profiles, training listings, etc. 

What Goes Into a Doula's Fees? : blog post on the costs of doulas and what that cost really covers

*if you are looking for in-person doula care in the United States, I have a wide referral network. Please contact me! 

Fertility and Bodily Health

Taking Charge of Your Fertility (book): this is the book I used to teach myself fertility awareness years ago, it remains a gold-standard. 

The Garden of Fertility and Honoring Our Cycles (books) : Lyrical, beautiful writing on fertility awareness for bodily knowledge, contraception, and conception. 

A New View of A Woman's Body (book) : Exceptional book exploring anatomy of the female reproductive system in particular, amazing illustrations

Beautiful Cervix Project : extensive photos submitted by community members documenting the cervix during cervical self-exam. Get a peek at what the cervix looks like at various stages in your cycle, various anomalies, learn how to perform cervical self-exam, etc. 

MAIA Midwifery and Fertility : fertility services at-a-distance, especially for LGBTQ families trying to conceive : neutrally-presented factual information on a plethora of birth control options

Herbal Methods of Birth Control : collection of anecdotal information

Lunaception E-course : Using selected night-lighting and following the moon phases to increase and trigger ovulation and  fertility

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom (book) : excellent, comprehensive book on health, fertility, and pregnancy with storytelling, commonsense, love, and wisdom. 

Our Bodies, Ourselves : informative website and book by the Boston Women's Health Collective, with worldwide reach 

Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year (book) : amazing book by Susun Weed relating spiritual and practical herbal remedies for fertility, pregnancy, childbearing, etc.

Natural Healing in Gynecology (book) : incredible chronicle of herbal and alternative remedies for common female health concerns 


Eating for Two (book) : recipe book of over 150 recipes highlighting simple, nutritious food meant to help support healthy pregnancy

The Natural Pregnancy Book (book) : thoughtful discussion and remedies on staying healthy and sane through pregnancy using herbs, nutrition, and common-sense. 

Aromatherapy and Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding (book) : excellent resource by leading aromatherapy educator

Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth (book) : excellent, easy-to-read chapters on homeopathic remedies with excellent anecdotal resources

Backline : Website and Hotline (1-888-493-0092) offering non-judgemental counseling and resources before, during, and after pregnancy, parenting, abortion, or adoption.


From The Hips (book) : a funny simple, non-judgemental comprehensive book on pregnancy, birth, and parenting

The Thinking Woman's Guide To A Better Birth (book) : Research-based hard evidence on important decisions to make about your birth, potential interventions, etc. 

The Essential Homebirth Guide (book) : talks details and planning for homebirth, from what to prepare, to care providers, to talking to your family about your choices, etc. 

The Birth Book (book) : a classic by Raven Lang, details "lay" midwifery in California, birth stories, instructionals, and philosophy of un-regulated, at-home birth. Out of print and sometimes hard to track down.

Amanda Greavette (art) : stunning paintings depicting labor and birth

The Mandala Journey (art) : beautiful mandala drawings of pregnancy, birth, loss, and childbearing

Trans Birth : directory of trans friendly providers for childbearing 

National Advocates For Pregnant Women : national lawyer group defending pregnant women and all their outcomes

International Cesarean Awareness Network : support groups and local meetings around cesarean section education and experiences


What if Your Mother (book) : exquisite poetry on abortion (primarily), abortion provision, miscarriage, and parenting by Judith Arcana

Rituals and Meditations for Pregnancy Release (booklet) : a collection of rituals for healing through and after abortion or miscarriage

Holistic Healing After Abortion (booklet) : a collection of suggestions on holistic healing modalities for healing after abortion

Self-Ritual For Invoking Release of Spirit Life in the Womb (book) : out of print and hard to find, but deeply valuable spiritual information

Inner Healing After Abortion (book) : small booklet with helpful healing exercises

A Difficult Decision: A Compassionate Book About Abortion (book) : excellent small book with exercises on acceptance, decision making, information, compassion, and support

Natural Liberty (book) : anonymously written comprehensive text on historical and non-clinical abortion care

Our Spirit Babies Ceremonies : open interfaith ceremonies for commemorating pregnancy loss of all kinds

The Abortion Diaries : 30-minute documentary on stories around abortion

Abortion Conversation Project : incredible resources on having open, honest conversations free from stigma around abortion

African-American Women and Abortion : Loretta Ross' article on the complicated relationship with abortion in the black community

4000 Years For Choice : timeline of abortion care for the last 4000 years, and beautiful graphic design posters and representations

"So What If Abortion Ends Life?" : Salon article on the complexities of language, abortion, values, etc. I identify with this thinking strongly.

Women on Waves : Bold, provocative organization working to improve abortion access around the world in countries where the provision of abortion is illegal or illegal in most cases. 

Exhale : website and talkline (1-888-4-EXHALE) focused on emotional support after an abortion

Faith Aloud : website and talkline (1-888-717-5010)  focused on faith-based support with multifaith clergy offering moral support for abortion

*if you are looking for in-person abortion care and support in the United States, I have a wide referral network. Please contact me! 


Holistic Healing After Miscarriage (booklet) : co-authored by myself and Samantha Zipporah, offering ideas for holistic healing modalities after a miscarriage

Empty Arms (book) : offers guidance for decision making around procedures and memorials for pregnancy loss

Unspeakable Losses (book) : storytelling and support for miscarriage, abortion, and other pregnancy losses

Mourning Sickness: Stories and Poems and Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss : lovely poetry on difficult subjects

There Was Supposed To Be A Baby : online community, blog, and book (for sale) on miscarriage, mindfulness, and healing

Rituals and Meditations for Pregnancy Release (book) : a collection of rituals for healing through and after abortion or miscarriage

Our Spirit Babies Ceremonies : open interfaith ceremonies for commemorating pregnancy loss of all kinds

How To Help A Friend Deal With A Miscarriage : article on supporting loved ones through miscarriage, what to do and what not to do

People Have Misconceptions About Miscarriage and That Can Hurt : NPR article about emotions on hiding pregnancy and miscarriage

The Amethyst Network : extensive stories on miscarriage, support networks, and healing


Still Birth Day : Incredible resource for stillbirthing families, with stories, links, doulas, etc. Often religious, not always pro-choice, and criticized for their cultural inaccuracy, but an invaluable collection of information nonetheless. 

Empty Arms (book) : offers guidance for decision making around procedures and memorials for pregnancy loss

Mourning Sickness: Stories and Poems and Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss (book) : lovely poetry on difficult subjects

To Linger On Hot Coals (book) : creative poetic expression written by two mothers after full-term stillbirths

The Tears Foundation : financial assistance for funeral arrangements and remembrance ceremonies after stillbirth. 

Companioning at a Time of Perinatal Loss: A Guide For Nurses, Physicians, Social Workers, Chaplains, and Other Bedside Caregivers (book) : for those support workers and loved ones helping someone through a loss 

Postpartum and Breast/Chestfeeding

After The Baby's Birth: A Complete Guide for Postpartum Women (book) : beautifully comprehensive book written by famous midwife Robin Lim, including recipes, exercises, answers to common questions, very holistically minded. 

Natural Health After Birth (book) : Aviva Romm's guide to herbs, nutrition, exercise, etc. after birth

Directory of Postpartum Support Groups : a list including the US and Canada

La Leche League International : Resources, networking, and regular local directory of breastfeeding support groups 

The Nursing Mother's Companion (book) : excellent book on breastfeeding and all its intricacies

Mothering Multiples (book) : excellent resource on breastfeeding for twin and multiples

Milk Junkies : blog about breast/chestfeeding and parenting from a trans man's prespective

Baby Baby Oh Baby : preview of a breastfeeding video to watch at home (can order from site)

Breast Crawl : site advocating for natural initial breastfeeding via "the breast crawl"


Placenta: The Forgotten Chakra (book) : a well-researched look at benefits of leaving cord and placenta uncut, as well as traditions around placenta use worldwide. 

Placenta: The Gift of Life (book) : comprehensive look at placenta use and lore, preparations, recipes, etc. 

Information on Placenta Encapsulation : from a certification company. I do not endorse a certain certification company, but PBi has excellent complied studies on this page. 

Studies on Placenta Encapsulation : list of studies and outcomes on placenta ingestion after birth

Honoring Placenta Wisdom : article by Sister Morningstar in Midwifery Today Magazine on the beauty of examining placentas

*if you are looking for in-person placenta encapsulation or honoring in the United States, I have a wide referral network. Please contact me!


The Hip Mama Survival Guide (book) : from the makers of Hip Mama magazine comes an anthology of pregnancy, birth, and parenting addressing topics such as toddler avengers, domestic mayhem, the evil patriarchy, nervous breakdowns, and more. 

Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood (book) : compilation of essays from Rad Dad zines, excellent and funny

Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines (book): centering the experiences of immigrant mothers, working-class mothers, single mothers, and mothers of color, this book is a powerful collection of essays and poetry on parenting in these challenging times. 

Naturally Healthy Babies and Children (book) : Aviva Romm's excellent book on caring for children's illnesses with common household remedies, herbal medicine, and common sense. 

Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide (book) : balanced, thoroughly-researched information of childhood vaccines, their benefits, risks, and alternatives. 

Disability, Pregnancy, and Parenting : wide range of information for parents and professionals. Based in the UK. 

Baby Baby Oh Baby: Infant Massage : preview of a DVD to watch at home detailing and demonstrating techniques for Infant Massage

Operating Instructions: A Diary of My Son's First Year (book) : hilarious non-fiction by Anne Lammott on single parenting


Women's Anatomy of Arousal (book) : incredible information playfully presented on th anatomy of the female and male reproductive systems, and how they relate to sex, sexuality, and pleasure. 

Center for the Intimate Arts : online hub for Sheri Winston's books, classes (online and in-person), and other writing. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Scarleteen : youthful vibe, information on sex, bodies, gender, birth control, pregnancy, parenting, etc. 

Good Vibrations : healthy, sex-positive information of sexuality, sexual expression, toys, educations, etc.

Menstruation and Menstrual Extraction

Free Flow Moon Pads: beautifully hand-quilted bed pads for free bleeding. Also great for un-diapered babies, sexual gushers, etc.! I can't recommend these highly enough, I have a whole drawerful. Made by a dear friend! 

Herbs, Sponges, Blends, etc. : Herbs to be ingested and steamed, and natural sponges as a tampon alternative, made by a dear friend!

Menstrual Extraction : great article explaining basics, with excellent links to other sources

Why Menstrual Extraction is a Good Idea: 1993 article from one of the founders of the menstrual extraction movement

A Woman's Book of Choices (book) : excellent information on menstrual extraction, among other topics


SQUAT Birth Journal : alternative, radical birth and midwifery magazine

Hip Mama : a refreshingly honest magazine about parenting

Rad Dad : an alternative parenting magazine, focused on fatherhood in its many forms

Holistic Parenting Magazine : focused on birthing and child-raising from a holistic perspective

Midwifery Matters : research-based magazine for homebirth midwifery

Birth Anarchy : Blog on rights in birth and reproductive justice

RH Reality Check : news site for reproductive health and justice related news